I am Elsie Goodwin and I am the working hands behind Reform Fibers. 

I am a fiber artist, wife and mother of two girls. I have a background in the fashion industry, where I spent 15 years working as a buyer. I was born in Texas, but raised in Southern California, and ever since I was a little girl I can remember being fascinated by fashion, especially textiles. 

I have worked with my hands for the last 18 years; first Crochet, then Knitting, a little Weaving, then Macrame. I love how therapeutic it all is; it's so simple, sometimes monotonous, but also complex at the same time. I am a lifelong learner and my brain thrives on challenges and new projects. 

My goal is to inspire more people to be creative on a daily basis. I believe in quality, appreciate simplicity, and find so much joy in the the process of making; the choosing of materials, the value of our time, and the repetitive and therapeutic aspect of it all. It's not just about creating something beautiful, it's about what magically happens to us as we make. 

If you would like to collaborate, or host a workshop, please contact me. I'd love to work together!


*Portrait by Patrick Yandoc and Video by Amelia Damplo